Nazir Agah
Nazir Agah


b. 1986, HK.


Always serious.

c. 1991 “cLEAN” Photo credit: Ali A. Agah


Bubble Electric, Inc.
Mystery Science
Dewey Beer Co.
Mission Bicycle Company
Rickshaw Bagworks
The Art Director’s Club of Metropolitan Washington
George Mason University
+ more


Currently residing in San Francisco, working in the areas of product design, user experience, visual design, social/mobile app design, illustration, branding, print, packaging, and apparel. I also teach visual design fundamentals to college students. I value working collaboratively with other designers, developers, and visionaries in a progressive, forward-thinking atmosphere. I like being challenged by problems that push the boundaries of my capability to arrive at mindfully crafted solutions. For me the big picture and the tiny details are just as important in telling a good story well.